Between coating and sealing

In the case of the terrace covering made of synthetic resin, the boundaries between floor coating, sealing and renovation are fluid. If an old covering is on the terrace, it can be integrated into different ones. If it is stone or concrete slabs, a rigid and closed laying system must be present or created. Wood is only conditionally suitable in good condition, since the "living" material requires elasticity. Terrassen A decking as a coating consists only of synthetic resin, which is applied directly to a concrete slab, for example. In this method can also be spoken of a synthetic resin screed. In principle, coatings made of synthetic resin are indestructible and, with appropriate additives and sealants, can also be made frost-proof and UV-resistant.

Form of processing makes it difficult to drain water

The common synthetic resins made of acrylic and polyester are not originally UV-resistant. But they can easily be "upgraded". The liquid to be processed resin can be distributed as a smooth and pure coating, whereby it levels itself of itself. Difficult can be the implementation of a desired drainage slope.

The basis for this is a very precisely adjusted viscosity. The synthetic resin is just allowed to flow in this way and must be kept in shape with the help of drawing and smoothing tools and, if necessary, a surface formwork. Specialist companies are indispensable for creating a terrace covering with an angle of inclination.

As an alternative, drainage channels in the synthetic resin are possible. They must be pressed into the still viscous mass during the casting process by means of release agent coated auxiliary profiles. Again, at least advanced craftsmanship and knowledge are required. The problem of automatic leveling by flowing resin can be circumvented by laying prefabricated resin plates.

Sheets of synthetic resin are similar to laying patio tiles of other materials. If they are additionally grouted with synthetic resin, a virtually joint-free and easy to care for surface can also be created.

Tips & Tricks In addition to floor coatings with smooth surfaces, the viscous processing allows you to incorporate secondary materials such as pebbles, sand, pebbles or grit into the decking.

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