Set up the refrigerator - what do you have to consider?

The installation and connection of a refrigerator is generally not a problem. But you still have to pay attention to some things. In this article, you will find out what these are and how you best approach them and what points they should pay particular attention to.

Important points when setting up

When the new refrigerator is delivered or the old refrigerator has arrived, you can not just plug it in and use it immediately. Some points should first be checked:

  • correct location
  • adequate ventilation available
  • transport locks
  • refrigerator door works and seal in order
  • time to startup

correct location

For a refrigerator there are always suitable installation sites and less suitable installation locations. Of particular importance is the ambient temperature. It must not be too warm or too cold at the place of installation.

There should be no high humidity or rapid temperature changes at the place of installation. Setting up on terraces and balconies is therefore problematic, often in cellars.

Sufficient ventilation

It must be ensured that the waste heat from the refrigerator can be adequately ventilated. If there is a build-up of heat, it can not only damage the refrigerator, but in the worst case, even cause fires.

Transport locks

New refrigerators may be equipped with certain transport locks. These must always be removed before commissioning according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Refrigerator door works and seal OK vor Before starting up, make sure that the refrigerator door closes tightly and that its seal is OK. Also check the remaining refrigerator for leaks. There must be no leakage of liquid anywhere.

Standstill before commissioning

Not every refrigerator has to be left for 24 hours before it can be put into operation. Depending on the manufacturer and model, different downtimes after lying or tilted transport may be required. Only in older refrigerators, in which the technology is still old-fashioned, should be respected best 24 hours standstill.

Tips & TricksBefore delivered refrigerators, always preclude a tilted or horizontal transport and adhere to the respective downtimes specified by the manufacturer.

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