Possibilities for sharpening side cutters

Side cutters are tools that have to withstand massive loads. For this reason, the cutting edges of the tools are often made of particularly hard material or subsequently additionally hardened.

For grinding it is always necessary that the grinding material has an even higher hardness than the cutting edge of the side cutter. In many cases, this is already problematic, especially if the cutting edges have been inductively hardened. Grinding is then difficult or impossible.

Grinding accuracy

It is also important for the side cutter that the cutting edges always hit each other exactly. Otherwise, the tool can not fulfill its purpose. When grinding, this circumstance must be taken into account - no mistakes may happen and the cutting geometry must not be changed.

Self sharpening of side cutters

Due to the hardness of the material, even sharpening will hardly be possible. If you do, you need a lot of tact and experience to make no mistakes when grinding. Otherwise, later on, the final state may still be worse than the initial state, or the side cutter may even become completely unusable in the worst case.

Grinding Services

Especially with such problematic and particularly hard tools as a side cutter, it is worth making use of a professional sharpening service. Many DIY stores offer this cost-effectively.

Tips & Tricks Because of their high hardness, side cutters are generally also very sharp. A regrinding must always be done only when you actually feel clearly that they have become dull and no longer work properly.

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