Roofing panels made of sheet metal must fit the place of installation

Roof panels made of sheet metal are well suited for their properties such as stability, low dead weight and corrosion resistance. However, other properties such as low insulation values ​​and sound development must be adapted to the purpose by insulation and insulation.

Aluminum or titanium zinc

While in previous years aluminum was the almost exclusively used metal sheet material for roofing tiles, after the development of titanium zinc a good alternative has been added.

Aluminum has a good corrosion resistance through anodization, but it has to be painstakingly colored if the paint is to last for years and be UV-resistant.

Titanium zinc has hardly any discoloration or faded spots even after many years and is priced in the same range as aluminum. Titanium zinc heavier than aluminum and deforms less in heat, for example.

Characteristics and insulation

Two decisive properties of sheet metal roof panels must be reduced or eliminated when using them on roofs, where inhabited and heated rooms are located.

  • The large amount of noise generated by rainfall does not matter in the tool shed, the garden shed or above the carport, in inhabited buildings the noise is clearly harassing.
  • A few millimeters thick sheets have only a low thermal insulation and allow relatively large waste heat, which can be compensated only with increased heating and energy consumption.

Insulation and insulation layers in simple design or in the form of sandwich roofing slabs affect both properties. Usually, the rigid foam polyurethane is applied to the sheet and develops its effect according to its strength.

Suppliers and Suppliers

  • offers a large selection of galvanized roof plates made of sheet metal.
  • has five product lines of roof tiles made of sheet metal.
  • leads sheet metal plates, boards and matching plastic light panels.
Tips & TricksPlease note the warranty period and warranty of the source of supply, which indicates the reliable galvanizing or anodization of the sheet metal.
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