Shingles made of plastic in endless colors

An outstanding feature of plastic roof shingles is the almost unlimited choice of colors in which the products are offered. In addition, there is the possibility of the modern plastics industry to produce metallic or mineral optics such as slate.

Stable, durable and clean

Due to the right mixture of ingredients, the material plastic can be adjusted very precisely to the requirements for roof shingles. At a low weight, a high stability and durability is achieved at the same time, which also resists heavy hail or heavy snow load.

Dirt-repellent components in the plastic permanently prevent the accumulation of moss and other dirt that leads to great ease of care. Most roofs made of plastic covered roofs do not need to be cleaned and brand manufacturers advertise with complete freedom from maintenance.

Features and Benefits

Apart from the visual appeal that many people perceive as plastic, many factors speak for roofing with plastic shingles. Bruch The breaking strength avoids transport and assembly damage, which leads to rejection in conventional roof tiles.

  • All plastics are mostly dyed through and colourfast, which leads to color fidelity at cutting edges.
  • Roof shingles made of plastic are UV-resistant due to chemical additives and do not fade even after a long laytime.
  • The very low weight, there is no lighter material for roof coverings, allows a thin and inexpensive substructure.
  • Prices for roof shingles made of plastic undercut any other material and offer additional savings due to less need for overlapping.
  • Very easy editing by cutting with tin snips or a small handyman flex.
  • For certified products in accordance with building material classes and fire test in accordance with DIN 4102, high fire safety is ensured. Dach The roof shingles of many manufacturers are made of completely recyclable plastic, which allows a household waste disposal of cut remnants.
  • Price per piece or square meter
  • offers eleven standard colors that are available in matt, glossy, with or without structure. manufactures plastic roof tiles, which are an important part between clay tiles and shingles.

  • has roof shingles made of plastic in various slate and terracotta looks. Einzel The individual prices for plastic shingles made to European standards range between fifty euro cents and three euros per piece. The square meter prices start from five euros.
  • Tips & TricksWhen buying your plastic roof shingles, pay attention to the country of manufacture. As a rule, Asian products do not meet the safety and standardization requirements for roofing in Germany.
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