Roof shingles made of slate are durable

The roof contributes to the individual character of a house. Not only the look counts, the material should also be resistant to weathering and durable. Slate roof shingles meet these requirements and have proven themselves as a covering for the roof.

Resistant to wind and weather

The roof design plays a major role in the look of a building. It should not only be nice to look at, but also provide good protection and resistance to the weather. Slate is a timeless and above all low-maintenance material and optimally fulfills the conditions.

Slab-tail or slab design

Slate roof shingles are available in a variety of designs. In beaver tail design, the roof gets a cozy look. You can choose from the well-known basic shape with a rounded lower edge as well as numerous special shapes for the transition areas between the roof and the windows as well as corners and curves.

Rectangular slate tiles are neutral and represent objectivity. Also in this form special versions for individual installation claims are on offer. The price of a roof made of slate shingles depends on the type of cover.

Roof cover types

The most expensive type of cover is the so-called "wild cover". Here, high-quality slate is laid, which is hewn at the construction site in the individual form. Much cheaper is the "old German coverage", the Bogenschnittdeckung is the cheapest option.

Roof shingles made of slate are

  • timeless
  • robust
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • almost maintenance-free

Internet providers and market prices

  • At perforated slate slabs in the dimensions 20 x 20 cm are available for 1.67 euros.
  • has slate panels 25 x 25 cm with honeycomb cover and perforated for 1.27 the piece on offer.
  • has slate plates in the size 25 x 25 cm for 0.67 euros per piece in the assortment
Tips & TricksThe laying of roof shingles from slate requires good experience. This work should be better left to the skilled person.
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