Ship parquet for use at home

A ship's parquet may or may not resemble a parquet floor. In the case of staggered laying of the individual panels or boards, the ship's parquet is at the same time a parallel bandage, which also includes the ship's bottom. A pure ship's parquet is constructed like a planking, in which individual long wooden strips are laid side by side over the entire length of the floor and often have open or rubber-filled joints.

Sailboats and swimming pools

A pure form of the ship's parquet is loosely placed on sailboats and yachts. Planks with joints up to one centimeter applied in parallel on transverse strips serve as a step on the boat deck. Moisture and moisture drain through the open joints.

Ship parquet is also a popular flooring around pools and near water, as on shores or in boathouses. The mostly varnished planks can dry out quickly due to their free and loose position. For wet rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens in enclosed spaces, the ship's parquet flooring is also suitable, whereby the subsoil must be able to handle the moisture that runs off accordingly.

Joints open or closed

If the individual joints remain open from 0.5 to 1 cm wide, a drainage system or a drainage system must be installed under the ship's storage. A screed painted with a waterproof paint with a drainage slope to a sewage outlet is suitable.

Anyone who wants to enjoy the appearance of the ship's parquet in particular, but prefers a closed surface, can seal the joints with special adhesives and sealants. Natural products are based on rubber.

Current offers

Ship parquet
Teak Marinescanline.ch211 Swiss francs / sqm
Teak milled for neoprene insertteakdielen.de105.70 EUR / sqm
Douglas fir deckingholzterrrassen-shop.net2.80 EUR / unit Kir Bangkirai decking
holzterrassen-shop.net6,90 EUR / mShip parquet is flexible

Ship parquet for interiors is usually only offered by specialist manufacturers at high prices. Very similar products are also offered under other names such as decking, which can also be installed indoors. Also look for suppliers of pool and boat equipment, gardening and landscaping companies and barges.

Tips & TricksBasically, of course, all common parquet plants are also suitable for the ship's parquet. However, the maritime visual flair and character unfolds more strongly in lighter woods and is intensified by the contrast between planks and joints.

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