Should you wash bed linen at 90 degrees?

Do you also have the problem that you are not sure how hot you are to wash your bed linen? Should she be washed every now and then 90 degrees? Or does she come in then? We examined it.

Does bedding run at 90 degrees?

How bedding reacts to boiling water depends on the material: In general, there should be no problem with shrinking natural materials, ie cotton or linen. Bed linen made of synthetic fibers should not be cooked under any circumstances!

color loss at 90 degrees?

If it says on the care label that you should only wash your sheets at a maximum of 60 degrees, then you should do so. Often the laundry does not come in, but the colors suffer from the high temperatures.

germ-free at 90 degrees?

Even at 60 degrees, the laundry is usually properly clean and germ-free. Only if you are ill or allergic, you can cook the right time to play it safe.

Advantages for the washing machine

For the washing machine, however, it is advantageous to wash properly hot from time to time. This will solve stubborn dirt in the washing machine and it will be nice and clean again.

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