Should you lock the front door of the apartment building?

If a series of burglaries occurs again, the question often arises: Should not the front door of a multiple dwelling be better completed? In this article, you'll learn about the dangers of completing and what the legislation looks like on this topic.

The main problem: The fire protection

The solution: Outside to, inside to

For this "problem", however, there is a very easy solution that most people already know: A door that requires a key from the outside, the from inside but at any time openable. Such front doors are advantageous in two ways: Not only the fire protection, but also the burglary protection profits from this "system".

Because not only the safety in the event of a fire, but also the best possible protection against burglars is important: Most of them pay attention to as primitive protected houses as possible to break in as easily as possible. With a well-secured door, you not only give your tenants a sense of security, but also protect your property as much as possible.

Tips & TricksTips & TricksIn the internet you will find many advices for improving the security of your apartment building. This not only includes a well-secured door, but also well-secured windows on the lower floors as well as the optimal protection of possible side or rear entrances.
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