Should you grow a cabinet?

When waxing, the surface of a cabinet is treated with wax and thus protected against moisture and dirt. Wax offers a few advantages, but also has many disadvantages. Learn more below.

Wood wax is usually a natural product, which is provided with solvents in order to be applied liquid. However, there are also firmer products that are applied with a cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages of waxing

  • The advantage of waxing is that the color of the wood is intensified.
  • The disadvantage, however, is that the wax often begins to liquefy even in warmer room temperatures, so that the surface becomes sticky and so attracts dust and dirt and may even be the laundry in the closet oily.
  • In addition, the wax must often be applied several times to achieve a permanent wax film.

An alternative is oiling. Here as well as waxing, the wood color is underlined, but without the ugly side effect of becoming liquid. However, it is often necessary to oil several times before the desired water density is reached, and there is a risk that the clothing will pick up some of the oil after oiling. The easiest way is therefore still glazing or painting the cabinet.

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