Silver has started - that is to be done!

Silver is beautiful and popular - if it shines silvery. Unfortunately, silver always turns black quickly and thus becomes unsightly. There are many different ways to clean silver jewelry or silverware and protect it from re-starting. What you can do, we'll show you right here.

Clean the Silver - All the Tricks

There are many different ways to purify silver objects. Which method provides the quickest and easiest way to counteract the oxidation of silver depends on how much silver and what kind of product you want to purify. With a larger quantity of silver cutlery, another solution will certainly be ideal than with a single silver ring or a silver chain.

Clean larger quantities of silver and silverware with aluminum foil

In addition to silver cutlery, small silver jugs or silver trays are also very popular. You can wrap such quantities and larger pieces in aluminum foil and then simmer in hot water for about an hour.

If the objects of silver oxidize, you can also stop it with a few snippets of aluminum foil and some salt. The silver pieces are placed in a large glass bowl and interspersed alternately with the snippets of aluminum foil and salt. Then fill up the bowl with hot water.

Thereafter, in both variants, the silver pieces must be rinsed well with cold water. To prevent the silver surface from being attacked.

Clean small parts made of silver

Small pieces of jewelery or a single piece of cutlery made of silver can be cleaned well with an old toothbrush and some toothpaste. Especially important is the rinsing with clear water after the treatment. Even more gentle on the material is baking powder, which you stir with a little water to a paste. The paste must then act for a while and should also be rinsed thoroughly later.

  • Alufoil and hot water - simmer for about an hour
  • aluminum foil, salt and hot water - let it soak in for only about three minutes
  • toothpaste - brush it in and rinse it off again
  • baking powder - let it work for up to half an hour

drying after cleaning

Ob Now that you have used a silver bath from retail or any of the above home remedies, it is always important to rinse the silver well with clear cold water. Then you must absolutely dry the piece of silver well with a lint-free dish towel. It is important that no moisture sticks to the silver when you put it down again.

Tips & TricksTo keep your silver from getting black again so fast through oxidation, there are some tricks to keep it safe. Above all, the silver should be stored airtight. Many housewives put on chalk, which is placed in the jewelry box between the silver jewelry. Silver cutlery simply beat with napkins to stop the tarnishing.
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