Removing sperm stains is easy

You usually want to remove sperm stains quickly and without residue, especially if a couch or other upholstery is affected. Luckily, removing sperm stains is easy. Apply a few simple home remedies and gone is the stain.

What you should not do!

Whether in bed, underpants, on the couch or mattress: Stay away from hot or even boiling water! Sperm consists of protein and protein coagulates at a temperature a little over 40 degrees and can then be very bad remove. Use cold or lukewarm water to treat the stain.

How do I recognize sperm stains?

Semen patches are whitish patches that look like dried egg whites - and are nothing else. When dry, they sometimes lose a bit of color and look more yellowish-white depending on the surface.
If you want to search specifically for sperm stains, a UV lamp could help you. Allegedly, the ultraviolet sperm stain and also other body fluids such. Blood visible. Online, you can buy so-called "Loyalty Tests", which in addition to the UV lamp, contains a PSA test that allows you to prove sperm stains at home.

These home remedies help

  • Shower gel
  • Dishwashing liquid or detergent
  • Gall soap
  • Lemon juice

Step by step Remove sperm stains

  • Dish soap or detergent
  • If necessary Carpet cleaner for upholstery and carpets
  • Sponge
  • Absorbent cloth (for couch, mattresses and carpet)
  • Brush with soft bristles (for sofa, rugs or mattresses)

1. The faster you react, the better

If the stain is still wet, it can best be removed, like most stains. Suction the liquid with an absorbent cloth.

Do not rub the stain because you will otherwise work it into the fabric! Ein 2. Soap and Rinse

Mix some detergent, shower gel or detergent with lukewarm or cold water and apply the solution to a sponge or cloth. Dab the stain with it until it disappears. Textiles can also be soaked in the solution and rub out the stain.

Rinse fabrics in cold water. Repeat the soaping if necessary and then put the laundry in the washing machine. Teppich Carpeted floors, mattresses and upholstery should then be wiped with clean water. To prevent the formation of edges, it is advisable to clean the entire surface with some carpet cleaner, a brush and a cloth. Then suck the liquid out of the pad with a dry cloth.

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