Renewing floor coverings

Depending on which floor covering is present in the room, it can be renewed with more or less effort:

Tiles can be renewed very easily with the tile-on-tile system

  • Old PVC and linoleum floors can be removed and
  • Parquet and floorboards can be sanded and worked up
  • Vinyl floor coverings can be laid on almost all old floor coverings using floor-to-wall technology
  • Tile-on-tile system

Tiles require a very level and stable surface to lay. A tile mirror makes such a surface perfectly. Instead of chopping old tiles so hard you can simply lay a new tile floor on the old without much effort.

So that the construction height is not too large, you can fall back on special renovation tiles. These tiles, which are often less than 5 mm thick, ensure a low additional installation height and thus make the adaptation of doors or transitions usually unnecessary. Entfernen Removing and replacing PVC

Of course you can do a great favor by laying PVC floors floating. In a renewal of the old flooring needs then just taken out and the new be inserted again. The laying of a PVC floor is very easy. Auf Refurbishing parquet and plank floors

Each parquet and plank floor has a so-called wear layer on its upper side. This can be ground several times, and the floor is thus completely renewed.

With solid wood parquets and real wood planks, this wear layer is several millimeters thick, so that sanding can be done many times. For many prefinished parquets, sanding once or twice is possible, then the floor must be replaced.

Surface-to-surface technology

For vinyl floors, there is a new type of surface-on-surface-coating system, which makes it very easy to glue a vinyl floor to any load-bearing surface. Suitable for this are, for example



tile floors

  • parquet floors
  • The system works with a simple adhesive film, which is coated on both sides with different adhesives. It is glued to the old floor, the new floor can be laid directly on it. Later, the film can also be removed without residue.
  • Tips & TricksJust the decking-on-surfacing system is very interesting for tenants: For example, you can install your own flooring without much effort and then remove it without leaving any residue and even take it with you.
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