Simply soothing: the matching wall paint for the nursery

Colors have a direct effect on our soul life, which is why the color scheme in the nursery is much more important than you should think. In a friendly environment, the little ones feel more secure, unfold their creativity and joie de vivre. But the favorite color of the parents does not necessarily match the child, so the little inhabitant should get some say.

These criteria should match the wall color in the nursery!

Parents' tastes, color effects and children's wishes are of course the most important decision criteria when choosing colors, but you should also keep in mind the following aspects:

  • The room size: Small rooms are larger with light, rather cool colors.
  • The nature of the child: Does it need color encouragement or rather reassurance?
  • What activities does the child perform in the nursery? Resting areas need soothing colors, and concentration at the desk is in demand.
  • The sunlight: Rooms with little sunlight are much more inviting due to the bright colors of the sun.
  • Existing colors: Most of the time furniture, carpets and pictures are ready to fit into the overall concept.

Do not intimidate these numerous aspects, but rather encourage them to find the best option for your child!

The individual colors have this effect

A look at the effect of the individual colors provides information on how best to meet existing requirements. Here is an overview:

ColorWorth knowing
YellowWarm yellow tones arouse zest for life, bring sun into the room
OrangeRich orange tones provide warm coziness
BlueBright blue makes the room appear larger, but also cooler, has a relaxing effect
GreenDelicate Green brings the soul into balance and promotes concentration
MagentaSoothes, even after shock situations
Rosaa soothing color, the well-dosed aggression degrades
Graya neutral color, which should be used in addition to colored accents, alone is more boring
Whitewith white spreads brilliant brightness in the room, best combined with warm tones
Violetused sparingly it causes a sense of security, too much of it oppressive

In a colorful room design, it lends itself to compensate few areas in subtle sand tones or in creamy white to str oaks. This ensures a harmonious balance.

Tips & TricksChoose a subtle base color that pops up again and again and build colorful accents on it! Make sure that the color design is stimulating but not over-stimulating.
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