Sink next to the stove - does that make sense?

When it comes to whether a kitchen sink next to the stove is an advantage or a disadvantage, the ghosts divorced. What speaks for this variant and what speaks against it, read in detail in this post.

Kitchen planning

Especially when the space in a kitchen is very limited, and at the same time many devices are to be housed (dishwasher, numerous base cabinets, possibly even the washing machine), planning is difficult.

In many plans then comes the sink with only a small distance next to the stove to lie. This has advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages are easy to recognize:

  • Quick pouring into the sink
  • Easy use of used kitchen tools
  • Less contamination in the kitchen
  • Additional storage space for pots and storage area for kitchen utensils (drip tray, if available)

Especially the small distance between the Cooker and sink are in many cases a significant advantage. Casting something out of a pot requires only one turn of the body, used utensils or kitchen utensils can be put directly into the sink.

If a drip tray is available (highly recommended), it can also be used as a storage or storage area. Even cleaned vegetables or other (possibly moist or staining) ingredients can be well accommodated on the wipe clean drainer.


Probably the most significant disadvantage that most complain about is the loss of work space next to the stove. If you want to cut something, prepare it or even turn it off for a short while, this becomes a problem if there is no drip tray on the stove side, but only a sink.

Here, however, you can sometimes make do with the fact that you can buy a stable sink cover, on which you can also cut. This cover can then also easily push aside so that you can use the sink. Alternatively, one could also think about a stove cover for the ceramic hob.

Tips & TricksKitchen planning is always a very individual thing. Much depends on personal, personal habits and needs.
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