Sink broken - who pays?

What seems like a simple question at first has a rather complicated answer. If you damage your sink, you naturally ask yourself which insurance will pay for the damage. The correct answer (s) can be found in this post.

Assumption of ownership of property

Anyone who lives in their own home or in the condominium has simply had bad luck if the perfume bottle falls into the washbasin and damages it.

There is no insurance for such damage. The assumption that a private liability insurance covers such damage is wrong. It only covers damage caused to others, but no damage done to oneself. And even the house insurance is not in the duty, since it is not the sink "household".

damage in the case of rent

Basically, the sink belongs to the landlord, even if it is "co-rented". For the repair - or the exchange - in this case, the landlord has to worry. Actually, the sink - like the bathtub - belongs to the building. But the pays the landlord (the owner of the building insurance) no damage caused by rogue tenants.

However - as you as a tenant have caused him damage - he can of course claim damages in the amount of his expenses. That suits him. In fact, such a damage protects you from personal liability insurance. However, only if rent damage is actually included in the insurance. This is not the case with all private liability insurance.

If you do not have private liability insurance, or if it does not cover any leasing damages, you have to pay for the damage out of your own pocket.

Tips & TricksIn many cases you will also be able to come to an agreement with the landlord in other ways, for example by purchasing a suitable and cost-effective washbasin yourself and paying for the installation. In many cases there is a consensual solution.
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