Sink does not drain - what can you do?

If the rinse water only lazily or does not drain at all, you should act immediately. What you can do when the drain is misplaced and where constipation is most common is discussed in detail in this article.

Possible causes

In most cases, the cause will probably be a blockage in the drain of the kitchen sink. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case - there may be other reasons as well:

  • blockage in one of the sewer pipes in the wall
  • problem with aeration of the downpipe
  • leak in one of the sewer pipes located farther back
  • possibly regeneration pieces or adapters in the area of ​​the sewer pipes, which as an artificial "bottleneck" favor frequent blockages (construction errors)

For all these problems you absolutely need a specialist company to remedy. If cleaning the siphon and the drainpipes does not help, you should immediately consult an installer.

Corrective action Verst In the area that is accessible to you, you can first try to fix a blockage. In most cases, there are blockages in the area of ​​the siphon. So it makes sense to first remove the siphon and clean it thoroughly.

The use of a suction cup ("Pömpel") works in many cases, and opens at least partially a clogged pipe again. Remember to firmly squeeze the overflow opening of the sink with a rag.

If the siphon is free, you should clean the other parts of the drain in sequence. These are:

the drain valve directly below the sink (is often forgotten)

  • the dip tube
  • possibly also the drain pipe of the drain fitting leading to the wall connection
  • The tubes can best (and most pleasantly) be cleaned with so-called bottle brushes. After assembly do not forget to check the entire drainage system for tightness.

Tips & Tricks Always use caution when using spirals, never work with pressure and always at low speed. Otherwise you can seriously damage the pipes in the worst case. Especially if you are already working inside the wall, it can be very expensive. Avoid drainpipes - it is dangerous and can make constipation even worse.

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