Sink: granite or ceramic?

Ceramics have been proven in sinks for many decades - and also have a very discreet look. Where are the advantages over the granite sink, and what are the criteria for one and which for the other material, read in this post.

Properties in comparison

Ceramic is a long-established material in many areas, with correspondingly good properties. Granite in this form has also been in use for several decades, but has some "weak points" when it comes to the kitchen sink.

opticssimple, rather sturdy, mostly in whitenoble, high-quality, visually impressive
hardnessvery hard, does not give way, crockery can breakhard, but not as hard as ceramic surfaces
susceptibility to scratchesvery little with high-quality ceramicsvery low, light scratches but often clearly visible
hard waterlimescale is hardly a problem, little stickminerals in the water make the sink look dull
cleaning effortvery low, soiling does not stick because of very smooth material surfacevery high, careful care necessary

Granite is not just granite

Granite sinks are not 100% of the stone material, but only 80%. The remainder is acrylic resin, which is used to shape the powdered stone material. So this is not a "massive stone".

Care and cleaning

Here are the biggest differences between the two materials. While ceramic is as easy to clean as no other material and requires virtually no maintenance, the granite sink is very caring.

To get it visually clean and shiny, a very high effort is needed. It is even recommended by most manufacturers to carefully dry the sink after each use to avoid water stains. Otherwise, the materials contained in the tap water may make the sink look dull and stained after some time.

Nano sealants can help reduce the effort a bit, but they also need to be updated regularly, and you need to find a product that is suitable for the granite material. On ceramics, on the other hand, you can use all nano-materials (but mostly completely superfluous).

Price Differences

The most favorable is the "classic" stainless steel sink - from just 40 - 60 EUR you get simple models, on average, the prices are between 100 and 200 EUR.

Granite sinks start at around 100 EUR, but premium models can cost up to 400 EUR. For ceramic sinks start priced only from about 250 EUR, at the top, the price is almost unlimited.

Above all colored ceramics can cost 700 - 800 EUR, also prices up to 1.000 EUR are possible with special pieces.

Tips & TricksNaturally, ceramic ceramics have disadvantages in some cases, but these are rather small. In ceramics, the low maintenance and longevity often play a decisive role in the selection.
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