Siphon - what height?

There are far more standards in the bathroom than you might think at first glance. Planning a bath is thus a - often not a little complicated - math problem. This also applies to the prescribed and standardized heights of washbasin base, waste water connection and sink.

Height specification in accordance with the applicable standard

In principle, DIN 68935 stipulates a standard height between 850 and 950 mm for the upper edge of the washbasin. Guideline for the height of the washbasin (more precisely, its upper edge) are 850 mm - 85 cm. This applies to all public areas and also to the apartments that you do not live in, but that are rented out.

Hospitality Waschbecken In guesthouses and hotels - ie wherever guest traffic prevails - sinks are almost always higher up. In the hotel industry, the standard size is 90 cm.

Barrier-free facilities

Where, however, barrier-free access is provided, another standard, namely DIN 18025, has a much lower height. There sinks must necessarily be at a height that is less than 84 cm, 80 cm are standard here as a standard.

Connection between drainage height and washbasin height

Of course, the different heights of the washbasin also require different heights for the sewage connection. Although the "height above finished floor" is technically correct, it is usually easier to plan the other way round.

Our table below should make your life a little easier:

Washbasin height

Guideline value for the discharge height85 cm
50 - 56 cm above the floor (= standard installation height)Different heights
between 29 and 35 cm below the upper edge of the washbasinIn the case of so-called Eccentric outlets (with lever operation) should be added around 2 cm in comparison to the usual stoppered procedure. Proven for practice - but that's just a guideline: 32 cm with eccentric valve and 30 cm with stopper closure.

Tips & TricksIf you do not want to rent the apartment, you can of course hang your sink as high as you want. The most ergonomic, however, is a height of the top edge at exactly 50% of the body size, and in case of doubt (with different sized people in the household), the smallest of the heights.

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