Siphon: what price do you have to expect?

Sometimes even costly cleaning does not help or the siphon is damaged. In this case, only the replacement helps. What a siphon usually costs, and what price differences there are in the individual versions, you will find in this article.

Types of siphons

In principle, one has to differentiate between individual versions in addition to the different siphon types. Above all, the installation location is important:

  • Siphons for sink or sink
  • Siphons for the drain of the shower
  • Siphons for the bath

Prices may vary greatly depending on the installation location. In general, the siphon is not obtained individually, but almost always only as a complete drain set, that is, from the dip tube to the water connection pipe. The siphon is then automatically included as a middle section in the set.

Prices for different versions

The following table gives an example of a small overview of the approximate prices of the different siphon types

Siphon typePrice approx.
Plastic waste set with tube siphon for washbasins and sinksapprox. 6 - 10 EUR
Plastic waste set 6 - 10 EURwaste set, simple design with bottle siphon chrome
approx. 7 - 15 EURSpecial versions, such as sets with space-saving siphons
approx. 20 - 40 EURShower drain with siphon, flat , depending on version and material
approx. 25 - 50 EURBath drainage system with overflow system
approx. 40 - 160 EURSpecial siphons

Especially for floor-level showers or very low shower trays, particularly low siphons and drainage systems are required. In this case, it is often necessary to resort to a special, precisely fitting system, which may also be more expensive.

Siphons for urinals

There are special siphons for urinals. Usually siphon siphons are used, which you get from about 30 EUR in the trade. They are usually mounted flush. Waterless urinals, on the other hand, have built-in oil siphons. However, these are generally permanently installed parts that only the professional can swap.

Tips & TricksWhenever possible, always make sure to buy a siphon with a cleaning hole. They make it much easier to clean the siphon. In addition, the risk is excluded that the siphon could leak unnoticed after cleaning.

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