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Slate tiles are suitable as flooring as well as wall cladding and create a noble flair with their unique appearance. The most common are shades of gray to black, but reds and greens are also available. The material is sturdy and durable but also has some sensitivity and care needs.

Thickness and dimensions of slate tiles

The main feature distinguishing slate tiles from slabs is strength. Tiles usually have a thickness of up to one centimeter, in unprocessed variants up to 1.4 centimeters. All major strengths belong to the group of plates. Die The slab dimensions are directly related to the thickness of the slate tiles. The rock has internal stresses that allow only limited maximum dimensions. The usual format sizes available in the market square slate tiles with the side dimensions thirty, forty and sixty centimeters. Add to that the two rectangular dimensions sixty times thirty and sixty times forty centimeters.

Slit roughness, calibrated, brushed or sanded

The processing of slate tiles knows the double-sided slit-gray shape or the single-sided or double-sided sawing of the tiles. The double-sided sawing to smooth surfaces is unusual, because the flair of the slate tiles is lost. The unilaterally smooth sawn bottom is common because only a thin bed is needed. With completely split-gray slate tiles, the thickness can be up to 1.4 centimeters and need a much thicker substructure.

With the technique of brushing the surface, the slate tiles become slightly more level and smooth, without losing their optical characteristics. The edges of the structure gradients are rounded and barefoot can give a more pleasant ride, for example, as a bathroom floor. Polished surfaces are possible, but unusual, because the slate is no longer recognized as such.

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Slate tiles

Black 30 x 60 cm
imexco.at29,40 EUR / m²Black 30 x 60 cm
slate molds.com29,90 EUR / m²What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

As long as the slate tiles are only used indoors, all types and varieties come into question. When used outdoors, attention must be paid to frost resistance, which is not the case with all slate species. They must be tested according to the standard DIN EN 12362. Sch There are slate deposits worldwide, with many non-European mining countries being strongly represented in the market, especially in the lower price range. If you want to buy slate tiles from, say, Brazil or India, do not be afraid to ask about local child labor and, if in doubt, choose another supplier or place of origin.

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  • Slate tiles must be finished at least once a year with special care products. A special slate cleaner should not be missing in any household, as slate surfaces are sensitive to some contaminants.
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