Small waste disposal: How to properly dispose of your iron

Is your iron defective and beyond repair? Or you just want to buy a new device with more modern technology to save time and nerves while ironing? In both cases disposal of the old device is required, but may it simply be thrown into the household waste or even into the yellow bag? If not, what does the disposal cost?

How to Dispose of Your Iron Correctly

So much is certain: After final death, electrical appliances such as irons and CD players do not belong in the household waste or in the yellow sack. According to the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG), which came into force in 2006, household electrical appliances are to be handed over to the recycling center.

It does not matter if the electrical appliance is as big as a fridge or a freezer, or small like an iron or smartphone. The legislator's main concern is that the raw materials contained in the electrical appliance can be recycled as effectively as possible.

Anyone who disposes of their irons in household waste nevertheless, does not have to expect any punishment, but does not do any harm to the environment and thus to themselves. In order to save time and ways, you can first collect some broken electrical appliances and then hand them over together.

How much does the disposal of the iron at the recycling center cost?

The disposal of electrical appliances at the recycling center is usually free of charge for private individuals. Traders and companies, on the other hand, have to pay a fee, but often there are no households.

Many electrical appliances contain environmentally harmful substances such as lead, flame retardants or mercury. Therefore, the fee for companies should provide no reason to dispose of a device elsewhere.

If you not only have to dispose of an iron, but also a larger device, then inquire about a pickup option. This is how your electronic waste gets to the recycling center safely and you have made your contribution to environmental protection.

Tips & TricksThe municipalities' various construction yards also accept separated electrical appliances for free. Just ask!
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