How to build a terrace yourself

An easy way to build a terrace yourself is out of decking. You will find detailed instructions here. For other possibilities, you can also lay under terrace or look at patio tiles.

Background information

A decking is always required for decking. This substructure is formed of interconnected longitudinal beams, which are transverse to the later laid decking on solid ground.

The structure requires a firm, non-yielding support surface - any existing concrete or screed bed is suitable for this, but a compact gravel bed must first be laid on the unpaved garden floor.

Fastening the substructure

Due to the heavy weight of the wooden structure, the terrace is usually stable even when it is not fastened. But if you want to play it safe, you can also tighten the substructure. In the case of the point foundation, this is done on the concrete slabs laid as foundation points.

You can also read in the article on the substructure of a wooden terrace how best to make a gravel bed and a point foundation yourself.

deck or high terrace?

A deck is a terrace that is level with the surrounding soil. You can construct this easily, if you excavate the exact height of the terrace and the pebble bed height beforehand. For terraces larger than 40 cm, you must resort to a different construction of the substructure to reach this height. As a rule, you then work here with joist beams, which must also be supported accordingly.

Step-by-step instructions for the terrace

  • Material for the foundation as a point foundation on a gravel bed See under wooden decking Substructure
  • Plastic base - if desired
  • Frame - Square timber
  • Decking
  • Screws, not rusting
  • Angle connector and longitudinal connector for supporting structure, galvanized or stainless steel
  • Cordless screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Spirit level
  • Possible guideline
  • Suitable saw for beams and planks
  • Ev. Hammer drill for fastening the structure
  • Tools for the construction of a point foundation on a gravel bed See under wooden decking Substructure

1. Laying the foundation

Place approximately 20 cm high, compact gravel bed. On the gravel bed then lay concrete blocks in a concrete bed at a distance of about half a meter. Make sure that you can vary the height of the stone to be able to make a slope later.

2. Erecting the structure

Align the structural beams on the substructure. You can also attach plastic pedestals below the structural beams. These are height-adjustable and make it easier for you, especially in large terrace constructions, to create the necessary gradient. Versch 3. Screw up the structure and make a slope

Screw the longitudinal and transverse beams of your structure using angle connectors and longitudinal connectors. Adjust the height of the plastic sockets below so that there is a 1-2% gradient going away from the house - ie one to two centimeters difference in height per meter of terrace width.

4. Installing the decking

If the structure is securely screwed in, you can begin to install the board. You can attach the boards either with screws or with mounting clips. Hidden invisibly between the planks, these clips help to prevent moisture ingress and possible barefoot injuries, which may otherwise occur with drill holes. Finally, veneer the sides of your terrace with special side panels and your terrace is ready. Terrassen Tips & TricksFor terraces, different types of wood can be used - the best value for money has native Douglas fir, tropical woods look nobler, but are also significantly more expensive and may come from illegal deforestation of the rainforest, which makes them ecologically very questionable.

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