Cutlery made of stainless steel starts off like silver

What is known and easy to explain with silver cutlery is also less likely to happen with stainless steel cutlery. Clouds, dark spots and loss of shine occur when the cutlery has started. This can be removed by polishing to a certain extent. Good care and storage will delay the effect.

Try as with silver cutlery

When silver cutlery has started, the soft precious metal has reacted with the outside air. Stainless steel and especially the variants with nickel content in the alloy are much less susceptible and need less polishing than silver cutlery.

For orientation, all home remedies known from silver care can also be used with stainless steel cutlery. However, the effect can range from low to nonexistent. In general, stainless steel can be tackled with more aggressive methods.

Sanding aids

High-grade stainless steels have a high surface hardness. It allows the polishing of tarnished items with abrasive tools. Typical aids are:

  • Microfibre cloths
  • Polishing pastes with solid components
  • Toothpaste
  • Stainless steel cleaning agent

Of course, the type of tarnishing or the corrosion form must be taken into account. When the cutlery rusts, the depth of the grate must be checked. The so-called rust film is removable by "sanding" polishing.

Should punctate spots of rust be present in the cloudiness, starting or advanced pitting must be assumed. In this case, more intensive conservation measures such as care and cleaning baths must be used.

Respond quickly and prevent

An important point is the early intervention after the discovery of the tarnished spots. Stains on cutlery should be processed immediately. Each leave gives the corrosion and chemical reaction momentum, which leads exponentially to the damage. Storage in textile environments such as cutlery pockets reduces the tendency of cutlery to tarnish. Edel Stainless steels should also not be cleaned in the dishwasher unless they are expressly designated as containing nickel (18/10 steel) and dishwasher safe. However, it should be considered that with dishwasher safe not automatically accompanied by stainless.

Tips & TricksIf you lay out a piece of chalk and / or aluminum paper at the storage location of your cutlery, this slows down the corrosion process and your cutlery will run down less frequently. When the aluminum has become dark, replace it.

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