Stainless steel - build a table yourself

Stainless steel is a particularly hygienic surface in the kitchen. Why should not the dining table with stainless steel be designed? You can also build a stainless steel table yourself. Under the stainless steel plate but usually a wooden core must hide. Whether you build the legs in wood or stainless steel depends on your own taste.

Build your own table - select legs

If the table is completely self-built, you will need four corresponding beams for the legs, which must be cut to length. It is simpler, of course, if you buy ready-made table legs. Matching to the lower plate, which should be made of wood, wooden table legs are also ideal.

However, if you prefer stainless steel legs, then there are those in both round and square at the hardware store. In order to screw the legs to the wooden sub-base, there are matching sleeves in which a screw connection engages.

Mount the stainless steel plate

The simplest version is an already folded plate made of stainless steel, which you can have made by a metalworker. This usually costs less than expected. However, if you want to edge the plate yourself, you either need a curb or you use very thin stainless steel sheet.

It is not recommended to simply lay the stainless steel plate on the wooden plate and not fold it over at the edge. You might get hurt by the sharp edge.

Trimming the sides

To make the edge straight, you should place a bar on both the top and bottom. The is then fastened with a few clamps on the sheet. Then the edge is pushed around with the slats. But keep in mind that this variant only works if the sheet is thin enough. You can not bend a real sturdy stainless steel plate this way. Ansch Sanding the wood panel

  • Apply mounting adhesive or double-sided adhesive tape reinigen Clean the stainless steel plate from the bottom without grease
  • Press the stainless steel plate firmly onto the substrate
  • Tips & Tricks It is even easier to build a table with stainless steel if you are using a really sturdy wooden table that is already finished. For this table top, buy a custom-fit stainless steel plate and attach it exactly as described above. So you can beef up any old wooden table with a stainless steel plate.
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