The alternative for semicircular gutters: the gutter gutter

In most cases, choosing a gutter gutter is optical. Especially with modern architecture straight lines on the eaves more complete the overall picture. Basically, the same size measure applies to box gutters. Instead of diameter, the width of the channel comes into play.

Dimension system and width

Box-shaped gutters are made of all materials from which semicircular gutters are produced. The measurement of sections of the originally two-meter long metal sheets is also used in box gutters, the actual final dimensions in millimeters differ from those of the semicircular variants. Kast A box gutter is narrower than a semicircular model with the same degree of division. While the difference in a ten-piece gutter is ten millimeters, the difference increases with the decrease in parts and the increase in size. A four-part box gutter is fifty millimeters narrower than the semicircular variant.

Differences to round models Kast Box gutters tend to be more expensive than comparable products in semi-circular design. Specific price factors for square-shaped gutters are:

Demand for box gutters is significantly lower than for semi-circular shapes. Therefore, the products are less in stock and must be ordered individually in small quantities.

Many roofers find the installation of box gullies to be more complex and therefore charge increased labor costs, which on average amount to two euros per meter.

  • Material distortion plays a greater role in angular gutters. Inadequate attachment or improper installation can cause torsional stresses to break the channel connections.
  • Price examples
  • Most of the larger manufacturers and dealers carry the same products in box gutter shape in parallel to the semicircular channels. On average, the angular models are around ten percent more expensive:

In the gutters, the smallest box gullies made of zinc with the standard size RG200 start from 7.47 euros per meter. The same product in half round starts from 6,49 Euro.

Under one meter of aluminum box gutter is available from ten euros. The comparable semicircular model costs 12.95 euros for two meters.

  • At costs three meter pieces Kastendachrinnen made of titanium zinc with NG 250 from 23.90 euros.
  • Tips & TricksIn new buildings, it is important that the architect already formulated in the blueprint the desire for gutter gutters, in order to avoid subsequent price negotiations with the roofers whose cost estimates usually disregard the gutter shape.
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