The plus-energy house - top of modern house building

The plus-energy house is a house that could not be more efficient: its annual energy balance is even positive; The heating of this house generates for you so practically no additional costs. In this article you will learn interesting information about the plus energy house.

How does the plus energy house work?

Of course, all consumers in the house, ie the heating and electrical appliances such as the refrigerator or the washing machine are optimized for low energy consumption, otherwise the additional energy would not be possible. This also requires your commitment: Pay attention to the energy consumption in order to make the best possible use of the plus energy house.

The plus-energy house as a prefabricated house

If you are interested in a PlusEnergy house, specialized prefabricated house suppliers are the ideal contact: The most preconfigured models are optimally designed for low energy consumption and save you a lot of time-consuming planning. It is only important that the provider in this field is competent, precisely because it is a high investment. So be sure to compare the providers.

How much does a plus energy house cost?

Due to the high effort required for the technology of the PlusEnergy house, higher investments are of course also due. While a "normal" single-family home costs about 200,000 euros, a comparable plus-energy house would cost at least 300,000 euros.

Tips & TricksSaw yourself whether a plus energy house is really worthwhile for you. Above all, it helps to offset the difference in the purchase price with the annual savings in energy costs in order to know when the plus energy house is really in the "plus".
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