The price of aluminum scrap is worth selling

Aluminum is a metal that is almost 100 percent recyclable and can be reused almost indefinitely as a secondary raw material. Accordingly, scrap has a price that in many cases makes a sale worthwhile. In addition to the world market price, the purity of the scrap is price-generating.

Eleven scrap groups

In principle, every aluminum can be melted down again and used as raw material to produce new components. Since there are certain limitations due to the commonly alloyed scrap metals, the scrap with aluminum components is defined in eleven groups:

  • Pure aluminum
  • Cables and wires
  • Single wrought alloy
  • From two kneaded alloys of the same kind
  • From two kneaded alloys of different types
  • Cast aluminum
  • Beverage cans
  • Cooler made of aluminum-copper mixtures
  • Pure aluminum chips
  • Chipboard mixtures
  • Packaging residues

In addition to belonging to the scrap group, the delivery status plays the main role in the pricing by scrap metal and scrap metal dealers. In most cases, they only accept and buy aluminum in the best possible clean condition. Cables and wires are only stripped and removed bare. Window and door frames may only have low adhesions, for example of silicone residues. Most traders set five percent attachments as the upper limit.

Price examples for typical aluminum scrap

Normally, the offered purchase prices are offered in tons and kilograms. An example list shows the approximate price ratio of the different scrap parts in the aluminum market:

  • Disassembled small parts 10 eurocent / kg (kg)
  • castings 30 eurocent / kg
  • bare wire / cable 50 eurocent / kg
  • sheets 55 eurocent / kg
  • Window and door profiles with paint residues 60 eurocent / kg
  • Adhesion-free window and door profiles 70 eurocents / kg
  • Blanke car rims 1.15 euros / kg
  • Aluminum copper radiator 1.50 euros / kg

If you clean your aluminum and, for example, strip your window and door profiles, you can enable the sale first and reap higher revenues. It is also important to disassemble all controls and the locking mechanism. Ideally, the aluminum frames and profiles freed from the window glass or the door panel are also thoroughly freed of adhesive and joint filler residues.

From twenty kilograms worthwhile

As a rule of thumb can be assumed that from a sales volume of about twenty kilograms of aluminum scrap, the cost of the sale worthwhile. When disposing of window and door frames and profiles and cladding, this weight comes together quickly. A window profile with the side dimensions of one and two meters with central spar brings three to five kilograms on the scales.

The price of aluminum on the world market, which is around 1100 euros per ton commuted, is another, but not overly effective indicator of the scrap aluminum price. Significantly larger price increases result from regional supply and demand situations.

Tips & TricksIf you want to sell a larger amount of scrap metal or aluminum, you should either compare the prices offered by the various scrap metal and scrap metal dealers either by phone or online. With usual differences of up to twenty eurocents per kilogram, the search is worthwhile.
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