The usual drying time of spatula

The drying time for spatula depends on the substrate and external conditions. In most cases, the drying times are specified by the manufacturer. Almost always, the sufficient state of dehydration can be checked with a visual and a feel control. In case of doubt, waiting is recommended, if sealing post-processing takes place.

Application Thickness and Substrate

Properties of the drying behavior of spatula are quite obviously explained by the surface condition and the application thickness. For absorbent surfaces such as gypsum or plaster, concrete or cement, the average drying time must be calculated to be about one third higher than for less absorbent substrates. Most conventional putty dry with low absorbency between thirty minutes and three hours.

Room temperature and humidity

In the spatula processing room, the air temperature should be between 18 and 22 degrees Celsius. Relative humidity is best for drying between fifty and 65 percent. It is important to prevent stronger fluctuations, for example by airing in winter. With outside temperatures without much deviation, intermediate ventilation with a slight draft accelerates the drying process.

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