The wall paint peels off: Causes and Countermeasures

Sometimes it is the old wall paint that gradually dissolves from the ground, in some cases, but also peels off a new coat of paint: This is not a pretty sight - and certainly no basis for another coating. First you should find out what the flaking of the wall paint is, then it is time to take appropriate countermeasures. One thing is certain: a lot of work is coming to you!

Why is my old wall paint peeling off?

For older paints that have lasted many years, there is a suspicion that something has changed in the wall. Maybe moisture has accumulated inside, which, together with the associated efflorescence, pushes the paint off the wall.

It may well be because there are just too many layers of paint on the wall and the different voltages over the years lead to flaking. Look closely at the wall, feel it down and eventually insert a moisture meter.

You can not save the exfoliated wall paint, but the wall already! Moisture damage must be remedied urgently so that no mold forms, but the old coating should be soft in any case.

Remove scrolling wall color: That's how it works!

A flaking wall paint must be removed, it can not be strengthened normally. Especially when the wall already has too many layers of paint anyway, repainting is no longer possible without removing the old paint.

Depending on the level of difficulty and adhesive strength, use the following tools and equipment to remove the paint from the wall:

  • hand spatula
  • wire brush
  • sanding sponge
  • sanding tool
  • milling machine
  • hot air blower

Protect your eyes and respiratory tract with protective mask and protective goggles , This prevents dust and splinters from entering your lungs or other sensitive areas.

The freshly painted wall paint flakes off - what now?

If a freshly painted wall paint flakes off, something is wrong with the surface. Either it was too absorbent or too little absorbent, too smooth, too moist or too crumbly. The problem with the too numerous layers of paint can take hold here again.

So, unfortunately, you were happy too early and should remove the wall paint, at least at the leafy spots, in order to prepare the surface for the new paint afterwards.

Tips & TricksIf only a small area is affected by the peeling off of the wall paint, stick an adhesive tape on the remaining areas and pull it off at a steep angle with a jerk. Find out if there are other vulnerabilities.
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