Thoroughly clean the joints in the shower

The joints in the shower are exposed to high levels of humidity and various care products. As a result, they discolour easily and cause limescale. Mold is also a little beloved guest on the joints in the shower.

Thorough cleaning in the shower

With normal cleaners, stains on the joints in the shower can often be avoided. Especially against limescale, a vinegar-water mixture is a good solution. However, you have to be careful that none of it gets to the fittings.


Not only the toothbrush itself is a great help when cleaning the joints in the shower. Even cheap toothpaste is great. Even yellowed areas are lightened by the bleach in a toothpaste.

For colored joints that have been colored in red or green, of course, this brushing method should not be used.

Electric toothbrush

But even better is the electric toothbrush, if available. Finally, you have old brush attachments that you can no longer use. Especially when the first signs of mold appear in the joints, this cleaning can do a lot.

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