Three methods for repairing a PVC floor

A small crack or small hole can quickly be created in a PVC floor. If something sharp-edged falls, the damage will be caused by moisture and dirt. Common methods for repairing and patching are gluing, inserting a replacement piece or cold welding. Each method has special properties.

Partial or complete material penetration

The classic damage of PVC is caused by cuts in the surface. If you do not penetrate the pavement completely, you can remove these scratches by closing with special adhesive. This prevents dirt and moisture deposition and possibly further tearing.

If a cut or hole reaches the ground, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent dirt and moisture from entering. For smaller damages special glue for PVC is suitable for this purpose. When using second- or all-purpose adhesives, a test application should first be made at a hidden spot or with a remnant. Some adhesive ingredients dissolve the PVC.

You can use these three repair methods

1. Glueing

For gluing, it is best to obtain a special adhesive for PVC. Alternatively, there are also so-called repair sticks in the trade, which are similar to the introduction of a silicone-like mass. Silicone itself is not suitable because it does not have enough durability and durability on worn floor surfaces.

2. Welding

PVC can be welded relatively easily with a hot air device. For this you should cut or plane a welding trough with the appropriate tool. You can insert the welding wire in these after you have brought the edges on both sides to the correct temperature. Work with respiratory protection because of the possible formation of vapor. Welding can also be applied to the third method, partial replacement of the damaged part in PVC.

3. Replace

To repair a fibrous or irregular crack, it is recommended that you place a piece of spare in a cut PVC surface. You can cut out a rectangular box or use a round hole punch that you can find at the hardware store. Then glue or weld the edges evenly.

Tips & TricksIf you can not find or have a suitable piece of reserve left, you can cut it out in an invisible place, like under a cupboard.
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