Cut the door leaf

It can happen again and again that a door suddenly does not fit anymore and sticks to the floor. If nothing works with setting, the next idea is usually to cut the door leaf. In addition, doors are made of many different materials. You can find out how to shorten a corresponding door leaf and what to pay attention to in the following guide.

New door leaf or floor covering

If you can not shorten the door in question for any of the above reasons, after a new floor covering has been laid, you can still use another trick in the case of room doors. You can lift the door leaf out of its hinges, put suitable washers on the hinges (on the frame), and then re-attach the door leaf. If the door on top no longer fits, you can mill out the few millimeters with a router.

In the house journal, we also offer guides when it comes to shortening glass doors. Here, for example, we answer to you whether you can cut a glass door and why it often does not work.

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