Underfloor heating - is a night setback useful?

Many still know this from the old oil heating: at night the heating temperature is lowered, in the morning the heating starts again early to warm up the cooled house. Whether this also makes sense in underfloor heating in the house, lowering the temperature at night, you can read here.

Sense of night reduction

You can also save energy by shortening the normal operating times of the heating system. The high mass of the screed stores heat perfectly, so you can run the heating quite limited times.

Arguments for and against a fall in the night

  • energy savings in well insulated buildings by lowering the nighttime Experts say that low
  • the reheating burden on the heating system is high, which can make up for the cost savings
  • Underfloor heating and heat pump heating systems are usually very sluggish when it comes to Temperature changes in the room, resulting in long heating times L a running the heater at reduced times seems to other experts against it definitely useful, even with underfloor heating
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