What are the dimensions of prefabricated garages?

Anyone who chooses a prefabricated garage should bear in mind that not all prefabricated garages have the same dimensions. Especially with often driven vans or station wagons, it may be necessary to deviate from the standard and choose a larger version. In addition to the car you would like to get out of the garage without any problems and have the opportunity to store tires or tools for car construction. As a prefabricated garage you can choose single garages or double garages. It does not always have to be a special version, as in many cases a double garage is sufficient and enough space for the car mechanic presented.

Prices depend on the dimensions

The price calculation of prefabricated garages depends on the dimensions and the desired design. All prefabricated garages are presented in different versions, so that the client can easily access a measure that is based on the size of his car. It should be remembered that the space must also be available for installation. Especially in prefabricated garages in driveways bordering the public footpath, it is advisable to find out about the exact boundary of land and public land. The dimensions of the prefabricated garage must be chosen so that they end up on their own property and in no way protrude into the public land. This applies not only to the shell of the garage, but also to the roller shutter door or a door that would obstruct the footpath when opened and thus impair the use of public roads.

The right measure of the garage

If a prefabricated garage with the preferred dimensions can not be placed at the desired location, it is worthwhile to search for a more suitable location in the property. All garages are not only available in different lengths, but also in different widths and heights. Thus, there is also a place in the prefabricated garage for a tall car, this is chosen based on the dimensions of the car oriented. It should be remembered that the roller shutter to the entrance is often lower than the actual garage.

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