What is the difference between oil paint and acrylic paint?

The binder is a crucial component of all colors, it ensures that the paint sticks to the wall and stick the dyes together. Oils have been used for this purpose for much longer than acrylic, both of which work in very different ways: we explain the crucial difference between oil paints and acrylic paints.

Oil paints: the traditional artistic medium

Already many centuries ago, artists discovered linseed oil in order to mix it with pigments and paint with it. Even today, this type of oil is often used for the creation of paintings, in rare cases it adorns furniture or even walls.

However, since the invention of the acrylic paint, the oil as a binder is on the retreat, although it has many advantages in addition to some disadvantages. Acrylic-bound colors turn out to be easier to use in practice, especially when it comes to decorating walls and objects.

Acrylic paint: a modern invention

Acrylic paints have been around for only a few decades. These are plastic-bound substances that quickly became widely used. In art they have long since made their entrance and partially supplanted the traditional oil paints.

But with oil paints can achieve very different effects than acrylic paints, so keep some painters, even in modern times still stick to the old painting methods. And that's a good thing, after all, variety keeps the art world alive.

The differences between oil paint and acrylic paint in the overview

To get an overview of the characteristics of the two different color grades, we have created a table for you. Here you can also see where the significant differences lie.

acrylic paintoil paint
thinnable with waterthinnable with turpentine
low odorstrong odor, harmful fumes
quick dryingslow drying
dries waterproofdries waterproof
low depth of lighttransparent glazes
darkens when dryingcolor brilliance intensifies when drying
Tips & TricksWho is looking for a color with beautiful depth effect that dries brilliantly, the most likely to attack the oil color. If you want to be quick, and if strong odors are not wanted, we recommend acrylic paints. As pure paints, oil paints are only rarely used anyway.
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