What to do if the mattress is worn out?

Even the best mattress is eventually worn out. However, this can be delayed by various measures. Here's what you can do to help keep your mattress in bed and when a mattress is worn out and should be replaced.

When is a mattress considered worn out?

A mattress is worn and should be replaced if the distance between the mattress surface and the lowest point of the cowl is at least 2.5 cm. To measure this, place a bar at least one and a half meters long on the mattress so that its center hangs over the lowest point of the cowl. Now measure the distance between the batten and the cowl.

This promotes cooling:

  • Low weight of the mattress
  • High body weight of the sleeping person
  • Slatted frame with a bar distance of more than 4cm
  • No turning of the mattress
  • Use of the mattress during the day for watching TV, reading etc.
  • Jumping and jumping on the mattress

Why is a change required when the mattress is worn?

Cooling in the mattress is not only unpleasant, it is also detrimental to health: the cowl leads to a crooked sleeping position, which causes an unhealthy position of the spine, especially when lying on the side and sleeping on the back. This can lead to back pain, cramps, headaches and other physical ailments.
A saggy mattress probably has been around for a couple of years. Therefore, it is also advisable for hygienic reasons to replace them?

How long does a mattress last?

Depending on the quality of the mattress, it should be replaced after five to ten years. How long a mattress lasts in practice depends on several factors:

  • Quality of the mattress
  • Care of the mattress
  • Body weight
  • Hardness and weight of the mattress
  • Slatted frame and distance of the slats

Prevent formation of cushions and increase hygiene of the mattress

If you want to keep as long as possible If you want to enjoy your mattress, you should take care of it:

  • Apply your mattress regularly. How often and how this is done, read here.
  • After getting up, ventilate your mattress for at least 20 minutes by beating back the duvet.
  • Change bed linen regularly.
  • Protect your mattress with a mattress cover and wash it regularly.
  • Clean your mattress regularly.
  • Make sure that the distance between the slats of the slatted base is less than 4cm.

A new mattress must be: What you should pay attention to

Already when buying you should pay attention to a few points, so that the mattress will remain as long as possible:

  • Buy a mattress with a comfortable and suitable degree of hardness for you: The more body weight the mattress she has to wear, the harder she should be.
  • The higher the density of the mattress, the better the mattress and the longer it retains its shape. Never buy a mattress with a density of less than 30.
  • Buy a suitable slatted frame, with slats at a maximum distance of 4cm.
  • For a spring mattress, the more springs the better.
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