Why should you filter fryer oil?

Again and again you read and hear that frying oil is filtered to reuse it afterwards. What is the purpose of this, why the oil has to be filtered, and what to look for when filtering, read in this post. Wieder Reuse frying oil

It is a truism to change frying fat at regular intervals. You do not have to throw away the old oil, you can filter it and then reuse it several times.

This also saves money and protects the environment. You have to buy less fat, and you have to dispose of much less fat later.

How often can you reuse fat?

In general, you can reuse frying fat two to three times if you filter it. After all, that saves three-quarters of the amount of fat that you would otherwise buy if you were to remove the fat each time.

Taste benefits from reuse

Filtering filters out many flavor-causing contaminants - but not all. This is particularly noticeable when you make fries in recycled fat. They taste much better than using fresh oil.

Why filter?

Filtering removes the old grease from impurities and flavorings from the fried food. Small crumbs from the fish sticks remain in the fat and would then burn with a renewed heating of the fat - and spoil the taste of the subsequent Frittierguts.

In addition, you do not want in all cases, that the taste of the previously fried on the just fried foods pass.

Which filters are suitable?

There are special oil filters - among other things from coffee filter manufacturers, In the kitchen everyday you can easily use ordinary coffee filters for filtering. G Simply pour the oil through the filter into a receptacle and reuse. Under certain circumstances, this can be repeated once or twice to make the "cleaning" of the frying fat even more effective.

When to replace oil?

When to change frying fat, it always depends a little on what and how much you fried. In many cases, it may be worthwhile to pour off and filter the oil after the end of each frying. This is especially advisable if you do not use the fryer daily (which will be the case most of the time).

Oils already used can easily be stored in the refrigerator for a while after they have been filtered.

Tips & TricksFilter only already cooled oils, and fats just before they get stuck. Hot oil should not be filtered, there is a risk of accidents here.

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