Wire Mesh Fence Assembly with Impact Sockets

When setting up a chain link fence, there are various options for securing the posts. A popular variant is the chain link fence assembly with impact sleeves. Here we show you how to use these impact sleeves.

Fastening techniques for the posts of the chain link fence

The chain link fence is a real all-rounder. Accordingly, there is the chain link fence in many areas of life. This quickly makes it clear that the fence posts must be fixed as the local conditions permit. There are many natural options:

  • Fastening on or on concrete base
  • Fastening on or in a foundation
  • Fastening to walls and walls
  • Fastening the posts with felling sleeves

Because many of these fastening techniques are important, we also offer several guides and installation instructions. Here you can, for example, read about how to concretize the posts of a chain link fence. Some of the different techniques are also combined.

Impact sockets are also combined with other techniques

For example, it is typical to create a foundation for the fence posts, while anchoring the support posts attached to the posts with impact sockets. However, there are of course also impact sleeves for the posts themselves.

The disadvantages are obvious: the attachment is more or less stable depending on the substrate. This procedure is unsuitable, especially on loose ground. In addition, for fences that are strained, for example, at children's playgrounds or sports fields.

The impact of the impact sleeves

Ultimately, the impact sleeves are nothing more than large earth spikes. At the top center, you have integrated a piece of pipe in which the fence post is pushed and screwed. Since a lot of force is required when driving in, this pipe section must be suitably protected with a sledge hammer prior to impact.

Therefore, high-quality sets also contain a punch which fits exactly into the pipe section and rests on the bottom of the impact mandrel. Now, the impact sleeve is rammed with several strong blows on the sledgehammer in the soil.

Special features Impact sockets for the struts

The strikers for the struts of the chain link fence are built on the same principle, but not as massive and large. That is, they are much easier to drive into the ground than the large earth spikes for the actual fence posts. But, as already mentioned, the stability is also limited.

Use only high-quality impact sleeves

When purchasing the impact sleeves, make sure that they are really high-quality products. The impact sleeves should at least be galvanized to ensure a reasonably good corrosion protection. After all, the upper mounting plates or the insertion tubes lie on the ground, which is also known to be wet and damp.

Tips & TricksBecause there are different fastening techniques for the fence posts, we have provided the instructions in separate guidebooks and guides. A detailed guide to the actual assembly of the wire mesh fence, we provide here for you.
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