Wood planks are often cheaper than expected

Anyone who thinks they need to take out a loan to use wood planks as floor coverings could hardly be more wrong. Depending on the type of wood, real solid wood is even cheaper than most types of laminate or a normal carpet.

Price differences are in the variety

In addition to the purchase quantity, which is a factor in the price of wood planks, only the type of wood determines the price. The price list starts very favorably with pine wood, which in the best case already exists for around ten euros per square meter.

The price per square meter of the other Nordic woods is usually slightly higher than that of the pine. Larch or spruce you get as floorboards mostly for less than 20 euros. Here only very nice grades will be priced above.

Next on our imaginary price list is the oak tree. It easily recovers its price, which often starts at around € 30 per square meter, with high durability and durability. Even high-heeled shoes do not resent an oak floor.

High-class floorboards have their price

The warm red shade of cherry wood can only be put on the floor from about 50 euros per square meter. But the hardness and beauty of the wood is also incomparable for its lovers and worth the higher price.

Just cold rooms, which are oriented to the north, gain enormously, if in it a floorboard of cherry wood lies. Of course, there are still many types of wood, which is suitable for wooden floorboards. But many prices are then beyond what a home improvement wants to create.

One of the costly examples is the walnut wood floor. In the best case you can get solid walnut boards "already" for 150 euros per square meter. The slightly better and more attractive sorting starts only over 200 euros per square meter.

More tips for buying wooden planks

Like in life, cosmetics are also allowed for a wooden plank. So it really does not have to be walnut in your living room. Anyone who would like to choose the dark noble color of the wood to his decor, should buy oak and glaze.

Tips & TricksCheck which laying direction the room actually sets. You may come with shorter wooden floorboards priced significantly cheaper and yet can prove a perfect floor with solid wood.
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