Wooden windows: The types of wood

Wooden windows can be made of different types of wood. This also leads to differences in the price and durability of the wooden windows. In this article, we therefore present the most important types of wood for wooden windows and their special properties.

Special criteria for selection

The price of a wooden window is the type of wood used plays a very important role.

Wood quality

The processing of the wood also plays a role in the selection. The ingredients and the structure of the wood are not the same in all areas of the trunk. The highest quality material is usually the heartwood in most types of wood. In contrast, less high-quality wooden windows use other parts of the trunk in whole or in part. Which wood is used depends also on the desired final price of the wooden windows.

The classics among the types of wood

Local wood is very popular among the wood window builders. The classics include pine and larch. Pinewood is comparatively cheap, larch is a bit more expensive and also better weatherproof by nature. From Lärchenhlolz high-quality wooden windows are made which already have a long tradition.

Another disadvantage of pine, although it is often used, is the high water absorption capacity of this species. The pine wood tends to swell with time and can absorb a considerable amount of water for extended periods of time. This is not conducive to the durability of the wooden windows.

A very high-quality domestic wood for window construction is also the oak. It is particularly hard, durable and well protected against fungi. Oak wood has been used as high-quality timber in other areas for centuries.

Modern timbers

In the last few years, there has been an increase in robinia wood and sweet chestnut in the window industry. Robinia is particularly hard and very resistant, sweet chestnut is a very high quality wood with a distinctive color.

Tropical woods are also used in window construction. Especially good is the price / performance ratio of Meranti, which is usually sourced from Indonesia. As in recent years but changing wood qualities have been found at Meranti, one is looking for new types of wood in window construction. These are only allowed after long and extensive tests for window construction, but in the long term replace the frequently used meranti as far as possible. Heim Domestically, wood species should also be increasingly used in wooden window construction in order to protect especially the rainforests.

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