Covering the kitchen front with a suitable lacquer is basically no problem. However, you always have to take the material of the kitchen into account. Verb Solid wood kitchen fronts

Kitchen fronts made of melamine-coated plywood

Kitchen fronts made of plastic-like materials

  • Suitable lacquers
  • You can paint solid wood with all wood lacquers and matching primers.
  • For melamine-coated materials, you need a paint that also has a very high adhesive power. As a rule, these are the special primers based on acrylic, and topcoats, which also exist on this paint base.

For plastic-like materials, it always depends on the particular material, which paint is suitable for it. Ask for the best in the color trade.

Important when painting

You should always keep some points in mind when painting

Rolling or spraying?

Substrate preparation

Number of coats

  • High gloss finish
  • Rolling or spraying?
  • With a paint roller you get a very good result, but it is much smoother and cleaner with a paint sprayer. You also save color and can easily and quickly produce even in difficult places a completely uniform color. You can get devices for that starting from around 60 EUR in the trade.
  • Substrate Preparation

For solid wood fronts, sanding once or twice is sufficient. For melamine-coated surfaces, you should additionally use a so-called starter lotion, which also degreases at the same time. This significantly improves the adhesion of the paint.

Number of coats

In any case, you should always make sure that you apply three coats: a primer, a so-called intermediate coat and a top coat.

High-gloss finish

A high-gloss finish is obtained when you apply the top coat alternately and then sand it down with an ever finer sandpaper (possibly even up to 1200).

Tips & TricksNote that the result will not look perfect in all cases. That the kitchen is painted, will be recognizable.

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