Ytong U-shell - with and without reinforcement

Even with U-shells made of Ytong, the formwork effort for ring anchors, lintels or beams can be significantly reduced. What makes the special features of this lightweight construction material in U-shells, you can read here.

Background information

Ytong is an aerated concrete made by puffing and steam hardening. The building material is very light, but also quite firm and has excellent thermal insulation properties. This puts him technically in the middle between foam concrete and sand-lime brick.

Of course, Ytong U-shells - aerated concrete - have the same properties as Ytong bricks. The workmanship in the masonry is the same as in U-shells made of other material.

Current offers

U-cups Poroton and sand-lime brick
poroton, 250 x 500 mm,bausep.de7,87 EUR / item
U-shell lime sandstone, 240 x 200 x 238 mmcirkel.de13,10 EUR / lm.
U-shell Ytong and aerated concrete
aerated concrete U-shell, 250 x 500 mmbausep.de7,87 EUR / item
U-shell Ytong, 624 x 249 x 240 mmwww.baustoffshop.de25,51 EUR / stk.

What to look for when buying? / Recommendations

U-shell constructions must be provided in the blueprint and taken into account statically; this also applies with regard to the material properties and to the degree of impermeability required by the planner and the design of the reinforcement.

Ytong-U shells with reinforcementYtong bricks are also available in single formats with reinforcement. This can be another way to save time and money when building with Ytong.
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